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I wanted to take a moment to explain how extremely helpful and nice Linda and her staff have been with me throughout my purchase process! I ordered a "Little Sweety" hummingbird feeder as an anniversary present for my parents. I made a mistake when filling out the address- I switched 2 of the digits of the house number. The package was sent to the incorrect house, and eventually returned to the post office, who sent it back to the vendor. This was my error. Linda helped me by communicating quickly and helpfully about the package tracking number. When the package re-arrived at her office, she re-sent it, to the correct address, and did not charge me postage for the second attempt. She was very kind and considerate too. The feeder is a wonderful product– but the people behind it are even more so! It is my FULL recommendation that you can purchase this product with confidence.
B Vadala Beacon, NY

Dear Gene & Linda:
Can't thank you enough for introducing us to the Lil Sweety Feeder.  After we installed ours on our 4th floor balcony, we had three neighbors on our floor requesting (and buying) their own.  We get a lot of enjoyment from watching the aerial traffic on our feeder from the crack of dawn to twilight. 
Bernard & Grace, Grand Rapids MI

Saw these last year at our state fair. Kicked myself for not buying one then. Went to the fair this past Wednesday and picked one up. Was so happy with it I returned to the fair yesterday just to get another. I can’t get over how well constructed they are & how easy they are to clean & fill. No more mixing large batches of nectar only to end up throwing most of it away! And no more needing to go out everyday to “burp” my feeders due to them getting air bound. Getting ready to throw all my old feeders in the trash. And Mr. Gene Smith is such a great pleasure to deal with. Looking forward to seeing what kind of Oriele feeder you come out with. Thanks Lil Sweety for making me & my backyard hummers happy!

We met you again this year at our Wisconsin State Fair. We were there on the very first day. My husband, Tom, and I explained our problems with the feeder and after talking with you — you gave us another to try yet one more time. This time we did follow the instructions fully and correctly.

Yes, the feeder works! The hummingbirds had been using it and we are convinced.

Thank you for your understanding and giving us another opportunity to try.

T & R Christensen

Bought my feeder at the Southern Women’s Show in Nashville and just wanted you to know I love it. I was worried the birds would take a little extra time getting use to a new feeder but they are already enjoying it. Glad I listened to your speech!
T. H

Hi, We bought one of your hummingbird feeders last Sunday at the Midland fairgrounds flea market. WE LOVE IT. We have never had a hummer stay and drink for such a long time at any of our other feeders. It’s a real joy watching them enjoy the food. We will probably be purchasing another one in the future. We just wanted to let you know how great your feeder is.
God Bless, J P

Hi, We bought one of your feeders last year at a big flea market in Michigan. We love it and so do our hummers. Can we purchase one from you thru the mail? We went to the fall flea market but didn’t see you there. Please let me know if this is possible and if so how much to purchase thru the mail. Thank You,
JP Monroe, MI

Hi Gene,
I bought one of your feeders at the International Women’s Show in Novi, MI and brought it to our summer home in Harbor Springs. I love it!
Could I order two more? One in purple and the other in red.
Please let me know if you can ship it to me and i’ll give you all the necessary info.

I recently purchased one of your hummingbird feeders, and am looking to purchase another one for my father. I was wondering if you will have your product anywhere in the Holland area in the next week?
Thank you,

My daughter gave me one of your Lil Sweety hummingbird feeders for Christmas last year. I began using it this summer and LOVED it. I had hummers within 2 hours!